I was born in 1945 and against the advice of the grammar school that I attended and my parents, I took myself off to Kingston on Thames College of Art during the Swinging Sixties, and actually remember most of it! I attained a B.A. Hons. Degree in Fashion and Textile Design.
I spent a long and successful time designing for many well known names. Eventually I tired of the rat race and set up a retail couture business and started to paint silk textiles to use in the business and I suddenly realized that all I really wanted to do was paint.
I used the skills that I had learnt and started painting large works on silk of local scenes, and famous people. As a result of this I was commissioned to do a large number of works for a chain of hotels.
I now work in oils, acrylic and mixed media and I am always trying out new themes and ideas. I have recently started sculpting as I also want to work in three dimensions, and so far I have been working in alabaster, stone and clay.
I lead a two centre life between England and Spain and exhibit in galleries and open-houses in both countries.
I hope that you enjoy looking at my work on this site as much as I enjoy producing it.